Volume 6, Number 1
Spring 2001

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Virginia Currency, 1777

The Virginia Master Teacher Seminar Celebrates Ten Years!
by W. Terry Whisnant

BioProjects: Independent Research in Bio 101
by Doug Carmichael
Carmichael outlines a new technique for helping students understand the scientific method.
A Study of Success in Developmental Mathematics Classes
by Pansy Waycaster
This study isolates factors that could positively impact the degree of success in developmental mathematics programs in two-year colleges.
The Entrepreneurial Community College: Bringing Workforce, Economic and Community Development to Virginia Communities
by Richard L. Drury 
The entrepreneurial college blends workforce development, economic development, and community development.
The Increasing Reliance on Part-time Faculty: A Problem with Legal Implications
by Debbie Naquin
Naquin outlines the legal issues surrounding due process for part-time instructors in higher education.
Role Perceptions and Job Satisfaction of Community College Faculty
by Sal Corbin
This study examines the role perceptions of full-time faculty members at a community college, including role conflicts and levels of job satisfaction.
The Importance of International Education
by Mary Ruth Clowdsley
Clowdsley offers five suggestions for integrating international education into our colleges.
An Experiment in Service Learning: Pairing Students With Older Adults in a Lifespan Development Course
by Mary F. Schumann
Schumann incorporates service learning in a nursing home environment into two psychology courses.
The Terrestrial Emerson: Suggestions for a Survey Course
by Patrick McCarty
An instructor of American literature shares his experiences of teaching Emerson to the modern student.
Improving Student Success in Principles of Accounting 211 with the Integration of Situational Leadership Methods
by Paul L. Ewell
This basic literature review and analysis provides evidence that a more varied approach to teaching accounting, based on the Theory of Situational Leadership as applied to instruction, might result in higher success levels in Principles of Accounting 211.